LRE Learning Solutions

LRE Learning Solutions

Our schools are as unique and diverse as the students and families they serve; but, there are constants in those variables, like the requirements to provide the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), equitable access to the curriculum, and maintain compliance.

However, being unique can also cause a challenge.  LRE Learning Solutions is available to help.  We provide consultation and needs analysis to assist your school district or independent charter school in selecting relevant workshops and professional development opportunities, paving the road to Special Education and Section 504 compliance and success.


We also provide Student Advocacy support to families finding themselves “Sailing the Seas of Special Education” (and Section 504).

We all want a calm voyage, but it helps to know what expect if a storm occurs at sea!

Call today at 512.529.0723 or email at to see how LRE Learning Solutions can support our future leaders and allow them to reach their full personal potential.


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